Trade unions of Moldova - IMF: We understand everything but people’s patience is at the limit

“We understand everything - the economic crisis, the uncertain political situation, but the increase in tariffs and prices without compensation from the authorities may lead to social collapse.

People’s patience is at the limit.”, - declared the representatives of trade unions of Moldova in a special meeting with IMF representatives on mission in Chisinau.

Vice-president of NTUCM, Mihail Hîncu said that "this cannot be tolerated endlessly."

“Working people of Moldova every day address to the trade unions with the request to defend their rights for a decent life, wages, pensions, etc. If the authorities won’t take appropriate measures we don’t exclude to take act with determination including by organizing protests,” said Hîncu.

According to surveys, the vast majority, 97 percent of the republic’s population, fully support the actions of trade unions of Moldova concerning the submission of concrete the social-economic demands to the authorities, including – the increase of minimum wage to 1,500 lei (125 dollars), liquidation of all salary arrears, eradicate the practice of paying “envelope wages” and more.

During the visit to Chisinau, the IMF mission experts will assess the implementation by the Government of the Memorandum of economic and financial policy for the years 2011 - 2012.