Training course on Communication for Young trade union leaders from SEE (14 – 18 December 2009, Turin, Italy)

The 8th Young leadership training course, organized by the Programme for Workers` Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ACTRAV - Turin) in cooperation with LO Denmark, was held in the period 14-18 December 2009 at the ITC-ILO in Turin, Italy. For the first time in the course history, since 2002, the training was focused on the topic of communication.

The course gathered 25 young trade unionist from 7 South-East European countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) who had a unique opportunity to improve their communication and networking skills, as well as to learn how to use communication as a permanent support to objectives, policy and programmes of their trade union organizations.

The 1-week training course was a blend of theory and practice, covering various aspects of communication, from the introduction to communication, effective writing, public speaking, public relations, media standards and relations with the media, lobbying, internet communication and management of communication processes. Many of the sessions were interactive, requiring the participants to actively work on assignments in small working groups. Furthermore, the course was an opportunity of sharing an experience and good practices about youth activities and campaigns organized at national, regional and international level. Participants received information about the structure, role, activities and priorities of the ITUC, PERC and its Youth Committees, as well as some practical advices for creating effective trade union communication strategies for attracting young people, organizing youth campaign and effective use of IT in them.

Daniela Aleksieva (CITUB – Bulgaria, Chair of ITUC-PERC Youth Committee)

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