ITUC PERC project CEE/NIS: Promoting rights of and representing workers engaged in informal labour relations

The ITUC-PERC is implementing the three year project with financial support of the FNV.

The project seeks to contribute to enabling trade union organisations of CEE to work with the informal economy phenomenon, through comprehensive diagnostics, proactive planning and structural reforms – within the unions and also in national legislation -, cooperation with social partners and alliance building, organising activities and the sharing of experiences. It foresees activities in 9 countries of CEE region: Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, in five target areas (objectives):

1) Setting up of diagnostic system of indicators and diagnosis of national and regional situations, standardisation of trade union approaches to informal economy and designing national trade union action plans on this base;
2) Consulting on structural reforms to address the interests of different groups of workers, with special attention to the representation of women and youngsters engaged in informal employment relations;
3) Cooperation with social partners on improvement of normative and legislative frameworks and organising broad awareness-raising activities;
4) Implementing national campaigning in selected sectors or among selected groups of those engaged in informal relations, protecting their rights and exploring different patterns of collective representation for these workers;
5) Building of alliances with concerned NGOs

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