Pre-ILC meeting of European region

The PERC, jointly with the Human and Trade Union Rights department and with financial support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, organized annual preparatory consultations for the International Labour Conference. The meeting took place in Budapest on 1-2 of April.

Participants debated the challenges and opportunities that centenary International Labour Conference brings, in particular, the Outcome document on Future of Work and necessity to promote Universal Labour Guarantee, that would protect all workers, regardless of the type of recruitment. That guarantee shall include fundamental workers rights, occupational health and safety, control over working hours, minimal living wages and social protection floors.

The ILC standards setting committee will finalise new instruments – Convention and Recommendation on violence and harassment at work. All the unions are called to run consultations with their governments and employers to achieve a strong and widely ratifiable Convention.

The state of social protection, which is in focus of the ILC, was discussed. In particular, as negative developments, the changes in social protection systems of Romania and France were discussed, while on the other side, the ILO Convention 102 on social security was ratified recently in Russia and Ukraine and several other countries included it in the priority list.

The participants also discussed situation with trade union rights in the region, particularly, violations of Freedom of Association in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, dismantlement of national collective bargaining in Romania, as well as dis-empowerment of labour inspections in Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Armenia and some other countries. Based on these discussions the region will present its vision to the global level consultative meeting.

The participants stood in solidarity with DISK president Arzu Cerkezoğlu who is on trial in Turkey.

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